One Year Later

It has been a year today since our public launch and we could not be more thankful. We have the greatest customers, they're fun to work with, and they love our products.

With our presence on hundreds of University Campuses, networking with Total Frat Move, and thousands of visitors monthly, I would say has been a success. We hope to continue to grow with your support!

Have a great Thanksgiving Everyone and please tell your friends to check us out!

Greek Exchange? Any takers?

Ladies and Gents,

We have been in talks with the boys at Grandex (TFM, TSM, Rowdy Gentlemen, etc) and they gave the suggestion that we start an online swap meet for old fraternity or sorority shirts. Maybe your UPenn chapter has a killer formal tee. Or maybe you aren't legacy so you can't grab your pop's legendary 70s rush shirt. HELL, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. We are thinking a completely free service where you post up pics and info of your shirts and everyone can search through them all to buy them from you or swap. There is also the option where we would purchase shirts from you and sell them like our regular stock.

SO the question is: Should we get the nerdiest brains we know together to devise such a feature on our site?

Give us your goddamn thoughts!

Stay classy.

New Year, New News!

As the new year approaches, we are excited to announce new features on our site. Thrift Prep has gotten just enough support from dedicated friends, family, and strangers to be able to expand a bit. 

Today we are proud to announce two new features for Thrift Prep to offer:

1) TRADE IN PROGRAMWhat's hiding in that dark part of your closet? Have a pile of clothes that are nice but you're looking for something different? Let us take it off your hands and give you store credit to find something else you may like. There's no sense throwing out or giving away your clothes when you can get something nice in return! (Average of $5 per item awarded)

2) ITEM REQUESTSDon't see what you're looking for on our site or we're all sold out? Fill out the form on our site and we'll look for it and notify you when we get it in! 

We thank you all for your support and hope to continue to move forward and expand as a company. We wish you a happy and safe New Year.

Andew & Ryan - Thrift Prep


Today marks the first official day of our URL being registered and live. We hope you all enjoy our site and services. We're super excited to offer great clothes at a good price. From shopping around to repair and cleaning nice clothes, we love what we do here at Thrift Prep. Have a great day and enjoy!

- Ryan McCreedy, Co-Founder