Greek Exchange? Any takers?

Ladies and Gents,

We have been in talks with the boys at Grandex (TFM, TSM, Rowdy Gentlemen, etc) and they gave the suggestion that we start an online swap meet for old fraternity or sorority shirts. Maybe your UPenn chapter has a killer formal tee. Or maybe you aren't legacy so you can't grab your pop's legendary 70s rush shirt. HELL, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. We are thinking a completely free service where you post up pics and info of your shirts and everyone can search through them all to buy them from you or swap. There is also the option where we would purchase shirts from you and sell them like our regular stock.

SO the question is: Should we get the nerdiest brains we know together to devise such a feature on our site?

Give us your goddamn thoughts!

Stay classy.