Campus Representative Program

Love Our Site? Want to Join the Team?

Thrift Prep is founded on a vision. A vision of well dressed, well rounded, and well off collegiate students. Everyone should be able to afford the great clothes we all know and love. If you share this vision and wish to beef up your resume, then the Thrift Prep Campus Representative Program may be for you. 

We have recently joined forces with Campus Commandos as a featured company on the wonderful GO COMMANDO app. Join us and many more companies as a campus rep and earn cash for simple tasks! 

Thrift Prep hails from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Thrift Prep hails from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA


Here is where YOU come in. Thrift Prep does not exist without an on-campus presence. In order to offer customers a large selection of clothing, we have to have people trading in and sending us clothes. Fostering a community that revolves around the re-use and re-sale of clothing from the brands we all love starts with our campus reps.

Requirements for eligibility:

  1. Download the Go Commando app.

  2. Take a brief quiz.

  3. Be motivated and willing to put in a few extra hours here and there. It will pay off!

Responsibilities of a Thrift Prep Campus Rep:

  1. Must constantly promote Thrift Prep’s vision and foster a local community.

  2. You may be given promotional products and offers that you must give out.

  3. Have fun with it and take some liberties. Outside the guidelines it’s all you!



  2. Professional and organizational experience. Spruce up that resume!

  3. If we like your dedication to Thrift Prep, we'll label you as a brand ambassador and give you EXCLUSIVE, high-paying tasks!

  4. Having a kick-ass time doing something fun!