Fraternity Fundraising

Collect clothes and get a portion of proceeds!

A fraternity is more than just a group of friends. A fraternity is a band of brothers, committed to excellence in life, profession, and charity. Thrift Prep shares these ideals. As brothers of a fraternity ourselves, we know the unparalleled bond and standards formed. We wish to further help your fraternity and the community through our Fraternity Fundraiser program.

Skull & Bones can be a little creepy sometimes... BUT HEY it's still a fraternity!


It is not a secret that we value our customers and campus presence greatly. We want to support the endeavors of our key customers, fraternities. Through the Fraternity Fundraiser program, you can get a portion of proceeds for hosting events paid straight to your chapter or charity of your choice.

Requirements for eligibility:

  1. Must be currently at a reputable University/College (Not a community college).

  2. Must be able to commit to the responsibilities designated below.

  3. Must be of good character and considered a good face for Thrift Prep.

  4. Must prove to be well connected on campus.

  5. Must be a nationally and locally recognized fraternity and chapter, in good standing.

Responsibilities of a Thrift Prep Fraternity Fundraisers:

  1. Must constantly promote Thrift Prep’s vision and foster a local community.

  2. Must host an approved large event in partnership with Thrift Prep.

  3. You will be given promotional products and offers that you must give out.

  4. Create a write up for the event for TP. (Pics and such)

  5. Have fun with it and take some liberties. Outside these guidelines it’s all you guys!


  1. We will give a large portion of proceeds to your chapter or a charity of your choosing.

  2. Professional and organizational experience. 

  3. You may receive gifts and other forms of compensation based on your performance.

  4. Having a kick-ass time doing something fun that helps the community! 

Thrift Prep Fraternity Fundraisers Must Be Large Events.

Host an approved large event where you will collect as many clothes for the website as possible. This can even be a weeklong clothes drive. As people donate, you will give them a coupon card with a special code on it, valid for a month after the event date. Every purchase they make with that code applied will have a discount AND a large portion of the sale will be donated to the charity of you or your organization’s choosing (about $5 per item sold). We will then pay you to have the clothes shipped to us and we’ll take care of all the dirty work. This event has a large potential to raise money for many charities and help with philanthropy. Thrift Prep holds the same values that many fraternities do, one of which is ensuring we give back to the community and those in need. Thrift Prep must verify all charities and fraternity chapters prior to the event. Due to legal and tax reasons we must ensure they are of good standing and legally a non-for-profit organization. Events must be completely legal and represented as charitable clothing drives or fundraisers. The coupon code supplied for your event will increase in discount percentage with the more volume of clothes donated. 

After each event you will be asked to make a short write up with pictures (appropriate pictures) for the Thrift Prep blog to tell about your experience. 

Remember: This is not a paid position and your affiliation with Thrift Prep is simply that of a voluntary promoter and fundraising partner with the company. Any malicious or unacceptable behavior or conduct will force us to terminate any further relations with you.